The best and most complete guide App of Córdoba and province.

Addressed to locals and tourists

Available in many languages

What is tutto Cordoba?

It is Cordoba’s province and capital communication guide, the most complete, practical, interesting and pioneer guideapp for your smartphone who is addressed to both, locals and tourists.

Culture and Tourism

In this area you will find all about monuments, churches, museums, cultural centres, streets and squares... unique spaces and hidden spots of the city.

Cuisine and Gastronomy

Enjoy the best restaurants, pubs, food tasting, cooking workshops, gastronomic tours ...of our traditional Andalusian cuisine.


Choose and book your accommodation from Hotels, Hostels, Rural cottages, apartments etc. and make your visit to the Mosque City even more unforgettable.


Search and find your shopping store: jewellery, home, fashion, accessories, IT and technology, telephones, toys, shopping centres... and the busy food delicacy’s markets.

Entertainment and leisure Time

Meet and enjoy all the possibilities that the city offers you. Live shows, Music gigs, horse performances, walking tours through the old quarters, flamenco dancing, drinks, movies, art and much more.

Tutto solidarity

Tutto Córdoba sympathizes and supports all organizations and benefit events.


Use this directory of professionals, businesses, gas stations, medical companies and services, to find what you need.


Be aware and use our fantastic discounts, offers and promotions in restaurants, hotels, shops and others that we will be updating periodically.

Customer Information

In this area you will find phone numbers, schedules, all the advice and useful recommendations you could need. Transportation, car parks, public institutions, Emergency Services, Pharmacy, tourist information points…

For Students

If you are a student, you might find us handy! We are the first guideapp concerned with your society sector. Find libraries, copy shops, trip and sports promotions. We will make sure you know in which places you have concessions and discounts. Lots of incredible deals only for students.

Córdoba sport

Tutto Córdoba with local and provincial sport. Find the most relevant information from your favorite sporting activity.

Tourism as

For those who require specialized care, pets…


  • MAP: the map displayed on the monuments, restaurants, shops, businesses nearby
  • SCHEDULEe: reports of major events and shows
  • SEARCH: searches, selects and displays the content
  • CALL: dial the phone and contact the relevant business
  • I WANT TO GO: geolocation business to guide the client through GPS: route on foot or car
  • REVIEWS: in order to know the feedback of other customers
  • SHARE: the user shares the information through social networks and other digital media, email, chats

Who we are


The company is formed by professionals with over 15 years of experience in the sales, marketing and new technologies field and teaching in the commercial area.

360º communication experts

Specialized in:

  • Offline Marketing: Marketing Plan, Communication Plan, Branding, Campaigns and Advertising Strategies, Creativity above and below the line, Naming, Market Research, Mystery Shopper, Benchmarking, Focus Group, Launch and Product Introduction , Packaging Design, Protocol, PR, events.
  • Online Marketing: Advertising 2.0, web strategy and design, Community Manager, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM or viral, designing applications for Android and IOS.
  • Training: Marketing and Sales techniques courses.
  • ``Manager`` Service: If you are an SME and your structure can not have a Department of Internal Marketing and you do not have time to coordinate your marketing actions, hire our external service that will provide a Marketing Manager in your company and make your company competitive within your industry sector.

Reasons to advertise you with us

  • We are pioneers: First Córdoba city and province application.
  • Suitable for all audiences: guide for both tourists and local citizens.
  • Comprehensive: contains great deals of great interest to the user.
  • Dynamic: constantly updated in content, information and promotions.
  • Notoriety: A constant and attractive marketing strategy to reach the public and create downloads.
  • Coverage: Thanks to the design of the app for both market-leading operating systems (Android and IOS) we cover more than 80 per cent of Smartphones users.

Thanks to our marketing campaigns and the large number of downloads you will get:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Attracting and lead your business to users and potential customers
  • To spread your services and products
  • Introduce your promotions and offers
  • Make profitable your investment



Here you can see some parts of the app.

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14012 Córdoba

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